Pelts - All pelt preparation and packaging is included in cost of your hunting package. We pride ourselves in the care and detail taken in preparing all hunter trophies. We understand the need for precise and specific cuts specific to the hunter's wishes to ensure top-quality life-like mounts. Based on years of experience working with some of Quebec's best taxidermists we offer the following choices for hunters:

  • Rug cut - the bear is slit down the stomach and along the inside of the limbs
  • Half-bear mount - only the lower half of the abdomen is split leaving no cuts on upper limbs. This allows the taxidermist more liberty in designing realistic poses as no sewing is required.
  • Full-mount - only a small slit is made on the dorsal side of the bear with no cuts on any limbs. This cut allows the taxidermist to mount the bear in any natural position without worrying about slit marks showing.

All bear pelts are frozen and packaged for hunters to either take home or leave with us to deliver to a taxidermist (taxidermy costs are not included in the hunting package).

Skulls - Many hunters wish to conserve their skulls as hunting souvenirs and trophies. Hunters can take their frozen and packaged skull home with them. Alternatively, for any additional fee, hunters can leave their skulls with us to have them prepared as museum-quality trophies. We will then make all the arrangements to have the skulls shipped to you when ready.