Centuries ago, bear hunting was reserved for nobles in Europe while Native Americans attached spiritual significance to all aspects of it's harvest and utilization. We at Mikin take special care of all harvested bears to make sure that no meat goes to waste.

Myths abound describing bear meat as "dangerous" and "inedible", but the truth is quite the contrary. Bear meat can harbor a parasite called Trichinella spiralis (as in pork) so it should always be well cooked and not eaten rare. Once an internal temperature of 70 degrees Celsius is reached the meat is safe to eat. Furthermore, bear meat is considered to be quite the delicacy and many of our return clients consider it their favorite wild game.

As part of your hunting package, your bear meat will be cleaned, wrapped (in wax paper, sealed in plastic, and covered with aluminum foil), and frozen for you to take home and enjoy.

We will provide hunters with recipes to take home and try.