A typical day bear hunting - Black bears are hunted from tree-stands over baits in the late afternoon and evening (until 30 minutes after sunset). Hunters therefore have the option of visiting sites with guides during the day or fishing for speckled and lake trout in one of the reserved beautiful boreal lakes.

Stands - All of our hunting sites have elevated tree-stands 14 feet high and placed approximately 20 meters from the bait. This allows the hunter to be camouflaged from the bear yet offers the hunter a clear shot at the bait area. All stands have cleared trails to both the stand and the bait area which are accessed on foot only. We pride ourselves on our clean sites (no animal carcasses) and ask hunters to respect the environment.

Bait - We use seal blood and meat to attract bears to the hunting sites and feed them with human-grade cookies mixed with molasses and honey. Bait is placed in 45 gallon drums in forest openings. Guides begin baiting bears several weeks before hunters arrive to attract as many bears as possible. Bait sites are then regularly visited to check for bear sign and to make sure bears do not run out of food.

We do not use any farm animal by-products at bait sites because most of our hunters consider bear meat a delicacy. We offer all of our hunters the option of cleaning, packaging and freezing their meat for transport home (for details see meat preparation).

Hunter in blind Hunter's view from blind